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Platform to collaborate, help implement and support projects in the field of ageing

Workshop 10 – Growing the AAL market: Paul Simmonds, director at Technopolis Ltd. Based on this research, which includes annual reports on market and investment information and the organisation and running of various engaging investors events, Simmonds and Farla will present these results and moderate interactive panel discussions and group work.

Sitting on the expert panel is: An expert panel will then present their ideas for growing and transforming the AAL market in Europe, looking at the challenges and potential strategies for success. These ideas will be explored further by participants in breakout groups where discussions will focus on identifying solutions for effective deployment and overcoming challenges that developers face.

What? KATANA Roadshow Info Day in Athens: Celebrating the opening Day of the Call for funding innovation and technology in the agrifood sector. Co-organized Parnasse & OpenCircleProject, KPAD, AggroApps, OPC, INNOVATHENS Presentation & Workshops of the KATANA Funding Project and its benefits for start-ups and SMEs along the agrifood and IT value chain.

Its an analysis of the academic disciplines most reliant on EU research and innovation funding at a granular level. The full report dissects the information further considering the funding across disciplines, institutions, industrial sectors, company sizes and UK regions. It differentiates between the absolute value of the research grant income from EU government bodies, and the relative value of research grant income from EU government bodies with respect to research grant income from all sources, including how the EU funding interacts with other funding sources.

There are also 11 focal case studies , including archaeology and ICT. HS2, Crossrail, and the A14 , which drives away many archaeologists from research positions. For press coverage see the Financial Times article. It sees the UK as second to bottom in the league table for quality of bathing water. Timing is key, policy makers often want information instantaneously and the article urges researchers to be responsive but pragmatic, including a pro-active approach of gently keeping key policy makers informed of new developments.

Researchers wanting to have a political impact may consider attending a UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement Service events. Consultations and Inquiries Responding to a select committee call for evidence is a great way for academics to influence UK policy.

The ArcticStartup guide to: Estonia

Student focused initiatives Summer of Startups program organized by Startup Garage. The program does not target student-only teams but requires that at least one team member must be a student so as to encourage student participation in entrepreneurial ventures. Mektory business model competition organised by Mektory innovation and business center at Tallinn University of Technology.

Idea Lab an in initiative for University of Tartu students to foster cross-functional collaboration and develop ideas and solutions to challenges collected from students, faculty and industry representatives. Their main page is in Estonian but you can find an English intro and their contacts here. DigiGirlz an interactive tech education initiative by Microsoft aimed at high-school girls Business incubators Tallinn Incubators — located in three premises and offering services to general businesses and startups in creative industries.

Technopolis-Group is a Brussels-based consultancy focused on innovation and public policies analysis. There I am working on the evaluation of Public Policies of various fields such as communication, technology and : Assistente MEP presso European .

Central Baltic Startup Springboard Central Baltic region has a great opportunity to strengthen its position as a globally competitive center of knowledge-intensive, born global startups aiming for rapid growth. The potential leans on high quality university education, wide selection of entrepreneurship studies and a network of support organisations.

However, the international startup scene has become more competitive, thus creating a need to strengthen the regional approach through joint teams and processes. A cross-border business acceleration process is needed to be able to offer comparable value to compete with currently stronger startup regions. The Springboard project supports the development of new joint and cooperative knowledge-intensive startups springing up of the shared smart specialization strengths of the participating regions ICT, cleantech, healthtech and biotech.

The project consortium consists of 6 partners covering three Central Baltic countries. Partners from Turku, Tallinn and Riga implement three joint week business acceleration programs, coaching for the most potential teams and targeted matchmaking activities for already established early-stage companies. It is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Project activities give an opportunity to create critical mass of resources, establish a platform for cross-border RTD collaboration and business support as well as boost innovation by breaking intersectorial barriers between different disciplines related to biotechnology, thereby supporting the establishment and growth of ventures and their international competitiveness.

Discover the big data technology for business expansion

Therefore, the platform will perform as a registry of such firms to which they can publish their specialized products or services and be discoverable based on those products and services. In this respect, NIMBLE will be a cloud platform of which instances could be customized for addressing sector-specific and regional requirements and business models.

NIMBLE aims to create a network effect within the platform by acquiring as much players as possible from the supply chain of a single firm or a single sector. Therefore, the project especially targets small and medium sized enterprises SMEs , who constitute a large portion of supply chain participants.

about Technopolis eco-system for High-Tech \IT\ Innovative business + internationall business development + fundraising + networking + office space + business services etc see stry: Internet.

Introduction The EU is determined to keep pace with its main international competitors and to achieve its Europe objectives. A key element to achieve this is to address major societal challenges with a world-class competitive industry. The capacity of the European Union to develop and industrially deploy Key Enabling Technologies KETs plays an important role in contributing to sustainable competitiveness and growth. The European Commission is convinced that beyond the essential need for fiscal consolidation, further efforts are needed to boost growth, competitiveness and job creation.

They enable process, goods and service innovation throughout the economy and are of systemic relevance. They are multidisciplinary, cutting across many technology areas with a trend towards convergence and integration. KETs are a key source of innovation. They provide indispensable technology bricks that enable a wide range of product applications, including those required for developing low carbon energy technologies, improving energy and resource efficiency, boosting the fight against climate change or allowing for healthy ageing.

While it is difficult to determine the exact market potentials of KETs due to their inherent ability to enable advances in all industries and sectors, their direct economic impact is considerable. Case studies show that public investments can generate a return in additional taxes and social security contributions up to more than fourfold the initial investment. They create value along the whole chain — from materials through equipment and devices, to products and services.

Due to this transversal nature and systemic relevance to European industries, KETs will catalyse the strengthening and modernising of the industrial base as well as drive the development of entirely new industries in the coming years. This transversal and multifaceted role is mirrored by the number of SMEs active in KETs and the number of high quality jobs being created.

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Exploiting the full potential of the region in research and innovation Promote entrepreneurship and strengthen the growth of SMEs Website: Compared to the U. Within the EU, both Estonia and Finland are low in their level of youth entrepreneurship compared to the average. The reasons are seen to be cultural as well as structural.

WATIFY is an awareness-raising campaign funded and supported by the European Commission. A core objective of the WATIFY campaign is to stimulate the digital transformation of European companies in various sectors, especially SMEs, as well as the adoption of advanced technologies, systems and methods by these companies.

Maialen Perez Fernandez de Retana She has developed expertise in public policy evaluation with a particular interest in urban and regional development policy, as well as, innovation policies. She has applied successfully a range of methods such, interviews, surveys, case studies, desk research, literature reviews, statistical analysis and benchmarking studies. She collaborated with different international networks in which the Basque Country was a member such as the Vanguard Initiative.

Previously Maialen worked at different banking and finance institutions and completed an internship at an accountancy firm. Maialen obtained her undergraduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of the Basque Country, she studied for a year at the Hochschule fur Wirstchaf und Recht in Berlin as part of the Erasmus Programme.

She is a native speaker of Spanish and Basque, is fluent in English, is learning French and has some knowledge of German. She speaks fluently English, Italian mother tongue and Spanish, and she has a very good knowledge of French. The Watify Campaign for the modernisation of European industry.


TalentMatch is focusing on matching the relevant type and level of skills. Also, the JobGo work behaviour and personality test is a unique way to find the candidates that match the work environment, enjoy the tasks offered and have the preferred working style. Moreover, professionals have the option to display their expertise anonymously, which from the company perspective offers a possibility to also reach passive job seekers.

They can apply for a pitching slot, where companies have a few minutes to present themselves to the audience as interesting employers, while individuals similarly explain their skills to a room full of potential employers.

The Technology Park of Andalucía, located in Málaga, is a high-quality location in which to set up SMEs and large businesses that are innovative, respectful of the environment and geared towards manufacturing, advanced services and R+D.

Written by admin on. Posted in Blog , Top Stories Share: Three days of targeted workshops, world-class panels, one-to-one coaching, pitching sessions, lively networking, and a wealth of exchange activities for 60 of the most promising European startups, leading experts, and international investors. A 3-day schedule full of venturing Targeted workshops with leading experts, world-class panels with successful entrepreneurs, one-to-one coaching with industry professionals, pitching and matchmaking with international investors, and ample networking activities throughout, form our tested recipe for an invigorating experience.

This structured combination offers participating startups an action-packed approach to drastically advancing their concepts and businesses in matter of days, if not hours. Targeted workshops, world-class panels, one-to-one coaching, pitching sessions, lively networking, and a wealth of other activities with coaches, startups, and industry professionals, are combined to offer participating startups an action-packed approach to advancing their concepts and businesses.

This is an exclusive function for FIWARE startups to engage in-person with active investors from all over the world and seek funding. The official program will start on Thursday, October 1st at The programme of the event will include workshops and seminars on fundamental themes including:

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