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I saw bits of this in Istanbul , with its Roman ruins and massive mosques, dating back centuries, but even that is small potatoes in this part of the world. The massive Erbil Citadel dominates the skyline, with every street in the city radiating from its center. The citadel sits atop a tell, or a mound comprised of layers of many generations of human settlement. The center of historic Erbil. A mini city unto itself, though the streets along the crumbling mud-brick houses are quiet these days. The citadel is now a ghost town. Closed for renovations in , all but one family were evicted as to maintain its record for being continuously inhabited. A visit to Erbil Citadel starts at the large bazaar at its base.

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Lalish The location of the tomb of Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, main figure of the Yezidi faith — pilgrimage site of the Yezidis — one of the most mysterious people in the world. The ancient rituals of this people are fascinating and they are considered by many to be the remnant of the original religion of Kurdistan. Gali Sheeran Valley Experience an adventurous journey, climbing an active aqueduct, to the most beautiful river in Iraqi Kurdistan.

(Kurdish: Şaneder or Zewî Çemi Şaneder) is an archeological site located in Bradost Mountain in Erbil Governorate. The remains of ten Neanderthals, dating from 35, to 65, years ago, haven been found within the cave.

This place was once a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors. Inside the walls, this shrine has a dome with Hebrew inscriptions mixed with floral Islamic designs. Before the war, Iraq had the second largest Jewish community in the Middle East the first being Israel and the third being Iran. Yearly, thousands of Jews used to visit this place during Easter. Nowadays, with the lack of security, this is not possible anymore as most Iraqi Jews left the country. Also known as Salman the Persian, he was the companion of Muhammad the central figure of Islam and Ali the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad.

Inside the mosque, one can also visit the tomb of Hudhaifa al-Yamani and the grave of Jabir Abdullah al-Ansari.

14 Beautiful Photos Of Erbil, The Capital Of Iraqi Kurdistan That ISIS Is Targeting

Ancient history[ edit ] The region in which Erbil lies was largely under Sumerian domination from c. Today the Assyrian people , a Syriac-speaking community who claim descent from Akkadian speakers , endure as a minority in northern Iraq, north east Syria, south east Turkey and north west Iran, their population is estimated to be 3. Later, Erridupizir , king of the language isolate speaking kingdom of Gutium , captured the city in BC. Under the Median Empire , Cyaxares might have settled a number of people from the Ancient Iranian tribe of Sagartians in the Assyrian cities of Arbela and Arrapha modern Kirkuk , probably as a reward for their help in the capture of Nineveh.

After the battle, Darius managed to flee to the city, and, somewhat inaccurately, the confrontation is sometimes known as the “Battle of Arbela”. Subsequently, Arbela was part of Alexander’s Empire.

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Several major mountain ranges surround the area, including the mountains of Hendrin, Zozik, Hassen Bak, Bradust and Korek. The area has two main rivers, one that flows to Haji Umran on the Iranian borer, and another that follows the path to the Mergasor region. Gullan Park Gulan Park is 3 km from the center of Soran and contains fun rides for children and families to enjoy.

Its beautiful views also attract tourists year round. Bradost Mountain This site is located 66 km north-northeast of Erbil and km southeast of Dohuk. The site can be reached by taking the main road north from Erbil and following the road towards Barzan. The mountain has an altitude of to m. Climbing the Bradost is absolutely breath taking. Novice hikers will be pleased to learn that one side of the mountain is not as steep as its other challenging side, therefore its easy to climb and hike at your own pace.

As you reach the peak of the mountain, you are taken back with adrenaline and excitement, hikers will notice that one side of the mountain has sudden drop and a deep valley. The drop leads directly into a large deep valley. Only when you reach the top of the mountain do you truly experience the majestic grandeur of Bradost. The mountain covers a wonderful area in all seasons and provides an unforgettable experience.

The men saving history from ISIS

The earliest evidence for occupation of the citadel mound dates to the 5th millennium BC, and possibly earlier. It appears for the first time in historical sources in the Ebla tablets around 2, BC, and gained particular importance during the Neo-Assyrian period. During the Sassanian period and the Abbasid Caliphate , Erbil was an important centre for Christianity. After the Mongols captured the citadel in , the importance of Erbil declined. During the 20th century, the urban structure was significantly modified, as a result of which a number of houses and public buildings were destroyed.

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The discoveries date back over 2, years to the Iron Age , a time period when several groups — such as the Urartians, Assyrians and Scythians — vied for supremacy over what is now northern Iraq. The column bases were found in a single village while the other finds, including a bronze statuette of a wild goat, were found in a broad area south of where the borders of Iraq, Iran and Turkey intersect.

Ancient inscriptions have referred to Musasir as a “holy city founded in bedrock” and “the city of the raven. Haldi was the supreme god of the kingdom of Urartu. His temple was so important that after the Assyrians looted it in B. A 19th-century drawing of an ancient relief that depicts the sacking of the temple of Haldi by the Assyrians.

He “threw himself on the ground, tore his clothes, and his arms hung limp. He ripped off his headband, pulled out his hair, pounded his chest with both hands, and threw himself flat on his face …” reads one ancient account translation by Marc Van De Mieroop. The location of the temple has long been a mystery, but with the discovery of the column bases, Marf Zamua thinks it can be narrowed down.

The carving, he found, shows hillside houses with three windows on the second floor and a doorway on the ground floor. Such a design can still be seen today in some villages, the bottom floor being used as a stable and storage area, he noted. Life-size statues This long-lost temple is just the tip of the archaeological iceberg. During his work in Kurdistan, Marf Zamua also found several life-size human statues that are up to 7.

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Reddit Flipboard We have come across an unlikely band of brothers on the battlefield against terrorism. They are men of the cloth, a pair of padres, who go into harm’s way to find and protect ancient religious books and manuscripts. We joined them in a region of Iraq that was once Mesopotamia where human culture and learning really began. It’s believed to be the birthplace of mathematics, writing and agriculture and recently, the scene of some of the fiercest battles in the U.

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The Rosette symbol Fredsvenn: The Mesopotamian valley and the Nile valley fall under this term even though the mountain zone around Mesopotamia is the natural zone for the transition in a historical sense. As a result of a number of unique geographical factors the Fertile Crescent have an impressive history of early human agricultural activity and culture. Besides the numerous archaeological sites with remains of skeletons and cultural relics the area is known primarily for its excavation sites linked to agricultural origins and development of the Neolithic era.

It was here, in the forested mountain slopes of the periphery of this area, that agriculture originated in an ecologically restricted environment. During the subsequent PPNB from BC these communities developed into larger villages with farming and animal husbandry as the main source of livelihood, with settlement in the two-story, rectangular house.

Man now entered in symbiosis with grain and livestock species, with no opportunity to return to hunter — gatherer societies.

14 Beautiful Photos Of Erbil, The Capital Of Iraqi Kurdistan That ISIS Is Targeting

Erbil is compesed of the following Districts: Visa-free entry or visa on arrival valid for 15 days is possible for most Westerners, many Middle Easterners and some other countries. All foreign tourists will find a warm welcome from locals.

The Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey (EPAS) maps archaeological sites and landscape features over the past 10, years. Its geographical focus is the plain around the city of Erbil, the capital of Erbil governorate and of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Although rich in history and archaeology, the.

March 28, Courtesy of Goran M. Amin Construction workers accidentally discovered a vaulted tomb dating back to the time of the Assyrian Empire in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. Ten skeletons were also found at the site. Inside the tomb, which was constructed with baked bricks, archaeologists discovered three ceramic sarcophagi holding two skeletons. Eight other skeletons were found on the ground around the tomb, said Goran M.

Amin, director of the survey department at the Directorate of Antiquities in Erbil , who is leading the team that is excavating the tomb. The team also “found more than 40 intact jars in different shapes and sizes,” Amin said in comments that have been translated into English. The discoveries were made in the past few weeks and have not yet been published in a scholarly journal. The tomb dates back to the Neo-Assyrian period, between the ninth and seventh centuries B.

During this time, the Assyrians controlled a vast empire that, at its peak, stretched from the Persian Gulf to Egypt.

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Places and geographical objects on the map of Arbil. It derives its name from the city of Erbil Kurdish: Hewler , which is also its capital. Erbil Governorate covers an area of 15, km2 in the north of Iraq, with a population of 2, , people. It is largely populated by Kurds but has minority populations of Assyrians, Turkmen and Arabs. It is located approximately kilometres miles north of Baghdad.

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This is the reaction I received from most of those who knew I was going to Iraq. What do I think is crazy? People who continue to go to the same beach resorts time after time on their days off. There is so much more to the world than that. We started the trip in Diyarbakir, in the south of Turkey. PKK graffiti Caravanserai The chute for camel food We went on a city tour with our local guide, Omar, where we visited an old Caravanserai which is now a shopping and cafe area.

The underground area which used to house the camels has been turned into a bookstore, but the old chutes to feed the camels from above still remain. PKK graffiti lined some city walls. Tea house singers Pet turtles Day 2 In the morning while waiting for transport into Iraq to arrive, I received the news I had been dreading.

ROI IRAQ managed the launch of Huawei P9 in Rotana Erbil