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Her first appearance was in the second episode of the first season, Benvenuti a Magix translation: More Than High School. She is Tecna ‘s roommate. Contents [ show ] Personality Musa is a fairy from the planet Melody, where she once lived, where she is the princess of her realm. Her mother died when she was very young, but she loves her father a lot. Her mother had an amazing voice and her father was a pianist, but after her mother’s death, her father was devastated and refused music, and even once threatened to withdraw Musa from Alfea for appearing at a concert at Red Fountain. Her birthday is May 30, and her best friend is Tecna. She loves music, dancing, singing, and playing all instruments, her favorite of which is the concert flute.

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Now its the kids’ time to shine and go to Alfea for a wild adventure that will change them all. Now when the kids need their parents help the Winx have to transform again and the Specialist will have to get the capes and their swords to help their kids. See where their adventure takes them. Bloom and Sky both lived in their own kingdom, but once they got married, Bloom went to live with Sky in Eraklyon.

Bloom still visits her family on Sparks and her sister, Daphne became the queen since she was the oldest, but after Bloom and Sky’s marriage Bloom became Queen of Eraklyon. A year later, they had a baby girl and her name was Ashley.

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Musa’s concept art in – Musa’s concept art in – Musa had green hair in the planning stages Trivia Musa’s appearance was apparently inspired by the actress Lucy Liu, according to Iginio Straffi , the creator of the Winx Club. Musa’s name may come from the Italian word “musa” which means “muse” inspiration , derived from the Muses of Greek Mythology. Musa is also the Arabic form of Moses.

Musa’s name could also come from the short form of the word Musica, meaning “music”, itself derived from the Greek word “mousike”, meaning “Art of the Muses”. The Muses are nine goddesses of Greek Mythology who inspire the creation of literature and arts, and who were considered as being the source of the knowledge that is contained in poetic lyrics and myths. This is because the name Musa sounded too much like the Welsh word Mws which means stale or stinking.

The hairband from Stella ‘s Harmonix from is similar to the hat worn by Andrina, one of the sisters of Ariel in the Disney film “The Little Mermaid”, both of them have blond hair, and the ribbons making up her Harmonix sandals as well as her Sirenix thighs are of the same color as Andrina’s mermaid tail. Bloom also bears a certain resemblance to Ariel, while Musa’s Harmonix looks like Alana. Ironically, Tritannus ‘ name may have been partly been inspired by King Triton, the father of Andrina, Ariel, and Alana, as both Tritannus and King Triton use a trident and they have similar sounding names.

Musa is one of the four Fairies that has not traveled to her own realm to receive their Enchantix , though she earned it by saving the Princess of her own realm, Galatea , who was then a first-year student at Alfea that year.

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They wear these in their fairy forms and sometimes run while wearing them. Not very often tough, because they fly more. They loose them in the third season and go barefoot. They come back in the fourth season. Everything’s Better with Princesses: Three of them Stella, Aisha, and Bloom are princesses.

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Riven is the stubborn maverick of the Specialists and is Musa ‘s former love interest. Contents Appearance Riven has short spiked magenta colored hair and violet eyes. In season one , Riven wears a white muscle midriff shirt with maroon pants and matching sneakers. In season two , season three and the first movie , he wears a British flag-inspired muscle shirt, bootcut jeans with two black belts crossed over each other and black shoes.

On his wrists are gray wristbands.

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In the 4Kids version, Tecna is British. In their fairy forms, they gain wings which allow them to fly. All of them are good looking, as is most of Alfea. Each of them had to experience this in Season 3 to earn their Enchantix. Bloom was the only exception as she earned hers through willpower, rendering it incomplete, but she completes it in the first movie by undergoing a sacrifice of her own. In order to get their hips in real life, you need to be missing some ribs. Long Hair Is Feminine: Bloom, Stella, and Flora have the long hair and are quite feminine.

Some of their fairy forms are short and grant them extra powers. With the exception of Tecna and initially Musa, all the Winx members have flowing hair. In the beginning it used to be at the hips, but then increased to the knees when in a transformation of Enchantix or above, as well as in later seasons. Tecna is the exception, as her hair goes shoulder length at the longest.

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They are first seen in the first episode of the first season except Helia. They first are minor characters but as the seasons progress, they become more major. The Specialists are the Winx’s boyfriends. Helia is introduced in the 2nd Season, but is relatively a minor character because he is not usually seen in the episodes as the other specailists.

Nabu, a wizard from Andros, is introduced in the 3rd season, but is not said that he attended to Red Fountain. But he still hangs around with the Specailists.

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Link ‘We didn’t know what we had’: Chris Waller admits he wasn’t aware of the potential in Winx. AAP Waller isn’t at the track on this day, a rarity for a workaholic like he is. Instead, he’s at home in Sydney. He’s forgotten all about the race and is about to leave for an appointment. The race is an afterthought. Winx is taken for a walk before a trackwork session at Moonee Valley. AAP Suddenly, he remembers. Betting tickets are scrunched up, angry patrons in TABs scanning the other TV screens for the next investment.

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When Musa as a monster meets Sonna , the Gatekeeper of the Oceans of Melody, she turns Musa back into her normal form by bonding with her. She, along with the rest of the Winx earned Sirenix in ” Sirenix ” and entered the Infinite Ocean along with their Selkies. In episode nine , Stella , Flora and Musa attends Wizgiz ‘s class, he talks about age-changing spells that can drastically change a person’s age,but Stella was concentrating more on designing possible fashions in her sketchpad, but not satisfied with some entries.

Flora and Musa are a bit vexed at Stella’s behavior, saying that she’s acting like a 3-year-old. At Alfea, Stella goes to a museum room in Alfea to get some inspiration for her fashion designs. Flora and Musa find her there and admonish Stella for taking a broach off of a mannequin. Flora and Musa became shocked to find Stella regressed into a 3-year-old version of herself because of the mannequin.

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Show Summary This show was originally created in Italy. One day she discoveries her powers after seeing a mystical fight she shouldn’t have been able to witness. All because Bloom is the last living member of the Royal family of Sparks, and now posses the Heart of the Dragon Fire, and was sent to Earth by her family to be saved.

Season Summaries Season 1:

Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the Winx image. Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the Winx image. Games for girls 23, games; Driving & Racing Games 6, games; Shibuya Gyaru dating sim. Rating: 83% , plays Bubble Shooter. Rating.

Tropes represented on this show: The 4Kids dub gave each girl a catch phrase on the bonus DVDs that came with the dolls. The phrases were never actually said in any version of the show. Style is, like, so always in style! Referring to the dub error that Musa is a princess Tecna: I’ll catch you on the download! Alfea has many secrets; Cloudtower turned out to be housing three delinquent teenage witches who never seemed to go to class and the school was the usual occupying hideout for the season’s evil villain ; Redfountain is a school for young heroes and the headmaster is a wizard, but none of the boys have magic.

The Cloudtower school for witches initially seems like one, but it’s subverted as most witches such as Miss Griffin are mostly good-hearted , even if they are mischievous or jerks sometimes. All six of them and Roxy. And, to a lesser extent, the pixies and selkies too. Prior to the beginning of the series, Domino was attacked by the three Ancesteral Witches, and King Oritel and Queen Mariam had no idea what happened to their two daughters during the attack, at one point believing neither of them had survived.

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Is there a winx club season 4? There is a Season 4 of Winx Club. At the Licensing Show in New York it was revealed that a new season will be released in featuring all-new power transformations. The flyers handed out also mention the Winx coming to earth, possibly indicating this is the new place of their adventures.

The game is based on the first season of Winx Club. Winx Club are a series of video games published by Konami and released for the Game Boy Advance, PS2 and PC. The games are based loosely on the first season of the animated series.

Load game Who of the girls though sometimes dreams to have magical powers? How could learn and do interesting things! How many opportunities would be opened soon! Particularly acute is the desire to appear after watching an episode of fairies from the Winx Club. Looking at these cheerful, fun, and of brave girls, most want to be in their company and to comprehend the basics of magic, fight injustice, have fun and be able to fly. It would be great seem buoyed in school and impress their classmates with their newfound abilities!

Oh, those childhood dreams. Every kid dreams of something like this and, unfortunately, unrealizable. Can only indulge in fantasies and games Winx Club Winx play. These little witch first appeared in , and came up with their animated series for Italian director Idzhinio Straffi. Is it any wonder that the idea was fascinated children to and caused a real boom.

Winx Club PC Game – 3. Bloom goes to Alfea