MAC Sheertone Blush in Blushbaby Review and Swatches

Pin It Recently when just aimlessly surfing about I came across this brand of nail polish that is safe for use during pregnancy. I was quite intrigued since I had refrained from using polish during pregnancy. So I wrote to them and they sent me a bunch for review. It also does not contain triphenyl phosphate tphp. They are long-lasting and chip resistant. There are really very few brands in the market that are 5 free and cater to people who are chemically averse. People using cosmetics and polishes need to know in order to a choice suitable to them. This issue tends to get importance when the risk is unknown for example:

Best Lipstick for Fair Skin – Pink, Coral, Plum & Berry Colors on Fair Skin

You can clearly see which shade it is without having to pick the tube up, turn it over, and try to read the label at the bottom. It is not too light, either. All similar shades I have tried in the past pull purple, so this is a bit of an exception! Both of them have a creamy sheen. The shape of the tip makes it easy to navigate around the lips.

You can get a pretty clean application straight from the bullet!

Apr 17,  · Wedding colors (to match with blue) VIP June Wedding colors (to match with blue) I love grey, blue, and yellow. I found a swatch, but I don’t know if it will translate well to wedding colors (plus it’s not my favorite shade of blue). I’ve tried using the palette sites, but nothing jumps out at me. the blue and coral looks really.

I imagined a dragon returning to his cave with a new pearl. Dragons, much like the keeper of this blog, adore treasure. In the dragon’s world, even the Moon has been formed from a jewel. A bit of whimsy for you From image plate D25, I stamped the dragons in black Konad special polish. I accented the dragon’s tail with miniature pearls from Born Pretty Store. I placed a ruby Moon in the sky. The tips were defined with an Art Club striper in Black Hologram.

Preferring the thin line French to remain matte, I decided not to add a second layer of topcoat. Diamond Cosmetics 18K Gold is a rich metallic. This warm toned gold is perfect for summer leading into fall.

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This time I wanted to share you with my swatches of my most recent KBShimmer polishes, so it’s going to be all KBShimmers in this post. I also bought one KBShimmer secondhand, so I added that one to this post too. A Raisin To Live For has a deep raisin colored jelly base and with lots of sparkling holographic glitter. This one is such a gorgeous polish, it has to be one of my favorite polishes of this year! I have two coats here with base and top coat as I used this as a base color for my sparkle manicure.

Natasha Denona is launching a Gold Eyeshadow Palette with metallic packaging and ALL gold eyeshadows for a statement makeup look.

The seating chart was a big chalkboard that I hot glued twine to. I wrote the names of our guests on tags that were hung with little clothespins. Guests signed the letters with Sharpies and now the letters are displayed in our apartment! We met as camp counselors at a residential summer camp for gifted and talented youth aka nerd camp the summer after my first year of college. Fast forward some months, a couple hundred miles, and plenty of tanks of gas, and we found ourselves standing on a firm foundation of faith, sharing a true love for each other.

I followed a trail of daisies leading up to a bench where Isaac was sitting and playing his guitar. I could tell he was nervous, but he had written me a letter, got down on one knee, and popped the question!! One of my closest friends from college, Elly, was sneakily taking pictures, and now thanks to her, we have this wonderful moment captured in photos!

Isaac had planned the entire rest of the day, from brunch at our favorite Charlottesville spot, to a manicure with friends, to a surprise engagement party. It truly was a crazy, incredible day and I feel so blessed to be spending the rest of my life with such a caring, goofy, and thougtful guy. My dress was all lace, had capped sleeves, a high neckline, and a low, scalloped back. I went the affordable DIY route.

Jacquelyn was so nice— she grew most of the flowers in her backyard garden, and gave me the lambs ear and wildflowers as a gift! It honestly was so cool to see their dresses come together, each representing their unique style.

An honest review of the Afrique collection from Instagram-favorite brand Juvia’s Place

Unfortunately it was out of stock during my last shopping spree. The new Firestarter Collection did not spark my fancy, I only got the lightest and the darkest of the three: The Cafe Collection was the same:

Two thin coats are shown in the swatch below. Pearl Jammin’ – top fave and must-have of the collection, I also think it’s safe to say that this is one of those all year round shades. The base is a soft powder blue with a strong amber shifting shimmer.

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Nov 10,  · Some other things to consider to prevent bubbling in the future are: Always wash your hands before applying polish. Natural oils in our skin may prevent the polish from adhering properly to the nail resulting in bubbles or an uneven : Polish Obsessed.

I picked up mostly fall shades, which was my intention. Rumours have been flying over the interweb about China Glazes fall collection, apparently, the coolest shades are not being sold at the most easily accessible vendors such as Sally’s and Ulta. Upon hearing this I had a look online at Cosmoprof and was able to confirm they indeed have the full collection for sale. The BOGO promo sweetened the deal further! Enough of my ramblings, on to the polishes. Moonlight The Night – apart of China Glaze’s spring collection, House of Color, is a great transitional glitter topper.

With transparent and iridescent glitter it makes this polish super unique in my collection. Glitter Me This – another glitter topper apart of the House of Color collection. This shade is a bit more spring, but also neutral. Made up of white, gold and pink hex glitter, I can’t wait to try this over a nude shade. The next four are my top picks for the Rebel collection. Heroine Chic – this is an interesting shade. A grey-brown base with tonnes of orange shimmering flecks.

Wedding colors (to match with blue)

Nails on a Budget: But I already have one on my wish list: Instyle Coral, I saw reviews about it and looks really nice. Rimmel states that one coat is enough, but I prefer to apply two coats for a better coverage, only one coat being too sheer for me. Applied like this, it started to chip off after 2 days without a top coat.

Their cheerful, coral, navy and mustard DIY wedding at Ash Lawn-Highland was a fiesta-style celebration, partly inspired This Cheerful Coral, Navy & Mustard DIY Wedding featurs so many cute and easy DIY projects and one super cute couple with such fun style!

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I had been pondering over whether I should buy it. My best friend went out and bought it for me thank you! This is actually my first ever lipstick from their classic, permanent Super Lustrous line. Funnily, I have been a Revlon lipstick fan for ages and have bought lipsticks from their Matte line, Colorburst line and even their Renewist and Beyond Natural lines which were discontinued ages ago, but never bought one from their Super Lustrous line.

congrats congrats ms m!!! oh dear been waiting for a review and swatch of this line from revlon (saw them at their IG page) i love the shade of Obsession! just perfect for this summer.. Temptation reminds me of Mat12 from maybelline (my favorite shade) hugs ms m! cheers for such awesome award!!! di sayang boto ko hihi.

March 15, October 9, What is the best lipstick for fair skin? If you need answers to this question then you are in the right place. Read to get more insight on best lip color for fair skin in various shades such as pink, coral, plum, fuschia, and rose, orange, and berry. Best Lipstick for Fair Skin It is not all about getting to the cosmetic shop or drugstore and pick any lipstick hoping that it will give you a perfect pout as your friend or your favorite celebrity star.

There are many factors to consider before you are about going to purchase something for your lips that suits your skin complexion. Choosing the best nude lipstick for fair skin or any other type will require you to factor out some fundamental principles. Some specific qualities should be found in the best lipstick for fair skin tone you are willing to obtain.

Beauty Trends – Liquid Lipstick

When I first started polishing my nails I noticed it was usually my Sally Hansen top coats that would cause them, so I stopped using them. So I guess my first tip would be: If you are experience bubbling for the first time try to narrow down what caused it; was it a new brand of polish, base or top coat? Did you wash your hands before applying your polish etc.

Dating Coral Packaging The packaging is like a clear capsule nice and sleek however when you first start using it the lipstick sticks slighly up so you have to be careful putting on the lid not to shove it into lipstick which I done a few times.

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Review & Swatches: Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipsticks (New Formula)