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Now, this radio doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles that some of the other radios on the market have, but it is going to get you communicating on the CB band without breaking the bank. As for the installation, I am going to give this a simple two out of three wrenches. I say simple two out of three because there isn’t a whole lot to it, however, there is still going to be some wiring necessary. Now, as with any CB set up, you are still going to need an antenna and of course, you’re going to need the cable for the CB radio to connect everything up. However, you are going to be able to get away very inexpensively with this setup and still have some communication. Some off-road parks will require you to have a CB radio in order in order to enter the park, other times it’s just a really nice feature to have when you’re cruising down the trail with your buddies, being able to speak with them very openly and easily. Some parks, or any place, where you don’t have good cell phone reception, so there are a lot of reasons to want a CB radio in your Jeep. However, as with any electronics, there are those premium, top of the line, with all the bells and the whistles, and then the more basic and simple systems.

How to Hook Up a CB Linear Amp

Still need more guidance before choosing a CB antenna? Read on to learn everything you need to know to make the right purchase. What is a CB Antenna?

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See the detail drawing on this page. Coat this connection with sealer or cover it with tape to protect it from corrosion. All vertical antennas need to be grounded in some way. A mobile CB antenna uses the car body as the ground. On this CB Antenna, the four radial wires are used as the ground. This is called the ground plane of the antenna. The braided wire which forms the outside conductor of the coax is soldered to all four radial wires. Remember that the inner conductor and outer braid of the coax must not touch each other, nor can the radials come in contact with the driven element.

The radials slope down at about a 45 degree angle in different directions, and are tied to the insulators. Rope or nylon cord is then tied to the insulators and used to hold the radials out. They can be attached to anywhere convenient; trees, a fence, house, etc. If you are short on room for such a radial system, you can use ” radials and ” driven elements pieces of aluminum tubing, or suspend the wires on PVC pipe, bamboo, or 1″ x 2″‘ wooden sticks.

It’s a must to check the SWR when done. It should be lower than 2, and ideally lower than 1.

Coaxial Cable, Connectors, Fittings, and More

OK, I froze my hands but I managed to check everything noted. First, I found this from Firestick regarding continuity: There is a minimum of four priorities with every GP antenna installation. No continuity from the coax connector center pin to the coax connector housing while disconnected from the radio. No resistance continuity from the coax connector center pin disconnected at the radio end to the base of the antenna.

Solved How can I hook my coax cable to my vizio ee1 since it doesnt have a coax hookup Forum; Solved can we get hdtv with only a coax cable hook-up? dont have a set top box. Forum; Solved how.

Something that you can hide away and that still has a ton of functionality. So getting this installed is going to be an easy two out of three wrenches. I give it an easy two out of three because there is some wiring involved, but overall this is a fairly simple process. Now, this radio is going to be more expensive than some of the other ones on the market, but you are going to get a lot of additional features with this radio as far as functionality goes.

And probably the biggest feature of this radio is that the whole brains of the operation is just this little small box here that you can mount anywhere you like, hide it out of the way. And then when you want to be able to use your radio, all you need to do is attach the hand piece that has all of your controls on it, and also your speaker built right into it. When you don’t wanna use it, you can unscrew it, hide that away and no one would ever know that you have a radio, which is really nice for theft protection.

So the biggest feature of this radio is what I’ve mentioned already, that the brains of everything are just this small box here that you can mount out of the way, where you’re never gonna see it. And then just have the handpiece when you need it, when you want to have your radio. Now, that is a very nice feature and that’s the reason that a lot of people purchase this radio.

But you are getting a ton of features with this radio as well. This radio is gonna be able to monitor two channels at once. You’re going to, of course, get your 40 CB channels, but you’re also going to get 10 different weather channels.

Tuning your Antenna – How to set the SWR

Guide to Scanner Antennas by Mike Diaz There have been many questions regarding how to select an antenna for scanning. This is a Readers Digest version of antennas, meant to give new users some idea of the different antennas and their good and bad points. This is not an all inclusive book on antennas, but rather a guide for novices in their quest to learn more about their scanning hobby.

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Most CB’ers are clueless about radio theory. The CB band is filled with average joes with no formal electronics training trying to guess at radio theory. As a result, nonsense CB folklore has filled the airways for decades. If you actually start cracking the radio theory books and start learning legitimate radio theory you will be quickly outnumbered by CB’ers who have no clue what they are talking about. They will argue with you until hell freezes over, and they will be wrong the whole time.

The more you learn legitimate radio theory the more you will be outnumbered by the clueless CB masses.

What type of feedline coax should I use for my antenna

If I connect the shield of my coax which is grounded outside to the antenna input of my R8, I hear lots of junk, indicating that there is an RF voltage difference between the coax shield and the R8 chassis. Last night this measured about S5. That’s a lot of noise: This sort of disagreement about ground potential is characteristic of electrically noisy environments. The receiver will, of course, respond to any voltage input that differs from its chassis ground. The antenna, on the other hand, is in a very different environment, and will have its own idea of what ground potential is.

Hey y’all, I’m just jumping in to the whole world of radios (sad considering I’ve worked in a comm center for almost a year) but I just installed a basic Uniden CB radio and ran the cable but I’m having trouble getting the antenna installed.

An expert who has achieved level 2 by getting points MVP: An expert who has written 20 answers of more than characters. Expert 67 Answers Re: Hooked up cb, blows fuse when the mic is keyed When mic is pressed transmitter is engaged. First is the Fuse the proper fuse? Could be an antenna-coax problem. Get a dummy load and hook up to your CB and try it again.

If it doesn’t blow the fuse, the problem is indeed in your coax antenna system.

Citizens Band

By MT I get asked quite often where to start with a home made station antennas. I have a few opinions regarding antennas. To start with, I believe that antennas that you build will give you as much performance, entertainment and satisfaction as the large expensive antennas. I believe that all forms of the radio hobby were meant to be fun and inexpensive.

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You do want to be careful not to hook up one that is too powerful, or you could have problems with the FCC. Hooking up a linear amp can boost that wattage to 10 or even 12 watts. The linear amps help the output of the transmission. Some CB radios are just weak as far as the signal is concerned. If you live or drive in secluded areas, you may need an amp to boost your transmission signal so that people farther away can hear you. If there are homes near you when you are using a linear amp, you could bleed over onto telephones, TV and radios.

Hook up the CB to a car or as a home base. Hook up the CB antenna, and make sure that the standing wave is correct.

CB Radio Install: Installing the Antenna