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When Nas Khan arrived on Teesside at the age of 14 he could not speak English, but went on to become managing director of the Jennings Motor Group, which employs people in the region. Mr Khan, 50, is organising fundraising events to buy lifesaving water purifiers, called Life Straws, for flood victims. Mr Khan is aiming to bring hope to the people of Rahim Yar Khan, an area south of Punjab, in Pakistan, which has been destroyed by the swollen Indus river. He also plans to build a new village with 60 homes, and provide livestock and clean drinking water to ensure it is self-sufficient. Events will also include a charity dinner, bike ride and an Asian henna night. His family came across a young child who had lost his parents in the disaster and had not eaten for days. The floods began in July following heavy monsoon rains. It is estimated that 20, people have died and more than a million homes have been destroyed. A stall will sell home-made produce such as cakes, jams, candles and home-grown plums in aid of the appeal. The fair runs today and tomorrow, with entries from around the region.

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Did Germany really have a cricket team at the time? Why were they killed? And if that was the case, why did cricket not get re-instated after the war?

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To study the impact of learning pharmacology on the practice of self-medication among medical students. This questionnaire based cross sectional study was conducted on medical students of Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan at the end of their curriculum from Oct to Dec Group-A comprised of students of 1st and 2nd year while Group-B comprised of students of 3rd and 4th year.

The practice of self-medication was not much different in senior and junior medical students; however, senior medical students were more concerned about the rationale use of drugs after learning pharmacology. Guidelines for the regulatory assessment of medicinal products for use in Self-medication, WHO J Basic Clin Pharm ;5 1: Managing medicinal risks in self-medication.

Drug Saf May;37 5: Yadav S, Rawal G. Self-medication practice in low income countries. Int J Pharmaceut Chem Anal ;2 3: Pharmacol Pharm ;4 Benefits and risks of self-medication. Drug Saf ; 24

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Ancient[ edit ] The Multan region has been continuously inhabited for at least 5, years. According to Hindu mythology, Multan was founded by the Hindu sage Kashyapa. During the siege of the city’s citadel, Alexander leaped into the inner area of the citadel, [18] where he killed the Mallians’ leader. Arabic and Sindhi were spoken in both cities, [28] though the inhabitants of Multan were reported by Estakhri to also have been speakers of Persian , [27] reflecting the importance of trade with Khorasan.

Polyglossia rendered Multani merchants culturally well-suited for trade with the Islamic world. The Qarmatians had been expelled from Egypt and Iraq following their defeat at the hands of the Abbasids there. Qarmatians zealots had famously sacked Mecca , [30] and outraged the Muslim world with their theft and ransom of the Kaaba ‘s Black Stone , and desecration of the Zamzam Well with corpses during the Hajj season of CE.

The shrine of Shamsuddin Sabzwari dates from , and has a unique green dome. The Mausoleum of Shah Ali Akbar dating from the s was built in the regional style that is typical of Multan’s shrines. The city was surrendered, and Fateh Daud was permitted to retain control over the city with the condition that he adhere to Sunnism. Following Mahmud’s death, the city regained its independence from the Ghaznavid empire and came under the sway of Ismaili rule once again. Multan’s Ismaili community rose up in an unsuccessful rebellion against the Ghurids later in The countryside around Multan was recorded to have been devastated by excessively high taxes imposed during the reign of Ghiyath’s son, Muhammad Tughluq.

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Languages of Afghanistan and Languages of Pakistan As a national language of Afghanistan, [29] Pashto is primarily spoken in the east, south, and southwest, but also in some northern and western parts of the country. There are also many Pashtun speakers in the major cities of Pakistan. They are integrated into Indian languages, hold mixed races, ethnicities, religions and culture and do not hold cultural reverence to the ethnicity or their origins.

Pashtuns are of ancient Iranian origin and lived in Afghanistan years before other ethnic groups in Afghanistan. King Amanullah Khan began promoting Pashto during his reign as a marker of ethnic identity and as a symbol of “official nationalism” [43] leading Afghanistan to independence after the defeat of the British Empire in the Third Anglo-Afghan War in In the s a movement began to take hold to promote Pashto as a language of government, administration and art with the establishment of a Pashto Society Pashto Anjuman in [45] and the inauguration of the Kabul University in as well as the formation of the Pashto Academy Pashto Tolana in

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Ayesha Pari Rubab is the name of a courageous girl who was born to a lower middle class family living in Rahim yar khan. Her parents were living a hand to mouth life when she was born. There was no one in the family who was a graduate and most of the people were uneducated. Rubab was the third child of the family and had two more siblings; she had an elder sister and a brother.

When she was born no one in the family was happy as in the backward area of Rahim yar khan daughters were considered a liability and sons a blessing. When she turned five Rubab started taking interest in kids that she saw in uniform and asked her parents about who they were. Her parent told her they were students going to school. She was always fascinated with the vision of kids going to school.

Due to her unending interest in the school students her parents enrolled her with a nearby government school. To her teachers surprise she was a brilliant student with an IQ that was far ahead of her age. Years passed by and Rubab Pakistani girl did her matriculation with second position in the board.

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Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Muniba Mazari is a multitalented personality most recognized as an artist and motivational speaker from Pakistan. She is also a model, activist, and television host who never gave up on life despite the devastating injuries and complications that she went through. She is the first wheel-chair using model. She is from the Baloch background.

Rahim Yar Khan kV Substation This substation is located in the Punjab Province of Pakistan million. The total cost of consultancy fee of NESPAK is Pak Rupees million. & 3 to the existing Contract for Engineering Consultancy Services for kV Transmission Lines 3rd Circuit Jamshoro-Moro-Dadu to Rahim Yar Khan ( km) and.

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Drugged into unconsciousness, Shaheen Bibi said that when she awoke in Sadiqabad, her captors told her she had been sold and given in marriage. Joseph Catholic Church in Lahore, Shaheen Bibi said she was kidnapped in August after she met a woman named Parveen on a bus on her way to work. She said Parveen learned where she worked and later showed up there in a car with two men identified as Muhammad Zulfiqar and Shah. They offered her a job at double her salary and took her to nearby Thokar Niaz Baig.

There she was given tea with some drug in it, and she began to fall unconscious as the two men raped her, she said. Shaheen Bibi was unconscious when they put her in a vehicle, and they gave her sedation injections whenever she regained her senses, she said. When she awoke in Sadiqabad, Baksh, Amin and Ijaz informed her that she had been sold into marriage with Baksh. They showed her legal documents in which she was given a Muslim name, Sughran Bibi daughter of Siddiq Ali.

With the kidnappers giving Saturday March 5 as a deadline for payment of the ransom, CDI attorneys brought the issue to the notice of high police officials in Lahore and on March 4 obtained urgent legal orders from Model Town Superintendent of Police Haidar Ashraf to recover Shaheen, according to a CDI source.

Jutt told area police that he had orders from high officials to recover Shaheen Bib, and that he and Tazeem would lead the raid, the CDI source said. With Nashtar police also daring them to help, five local policemen decided to go with them for the operation, he said. At midnight on Sunday March 6 , after some encounters and raids in a jungle area where houses are miles apart, the rescue team managed to get hold of Shaheen Bibi, the CDI source said.

The captors handed over Shaheen Bibi on the condition that they would not be the targets of further legal action, the CDI source said. Sensing that their foray into the danger zone had gone on long enough, Tazeem and Jutt decided to leave but told them that those who had sold Shaheen Bib in Lahore would be brought to justice.

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National Internal Security Policy Dedicated to women empowerment, Maiza Hameed is continuously involved in stirring women leadership. Presented by Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali, the policy provides guiding principles along with statistics such as of banned organizations and the alarming number of unregistered Madrassas that have mushroomed from nearly 16, in to 22, As developments unfold and analysts express doubt in the practicality and execution of the policy, here is a comprehensive view of NISP for the better understanding of the citizens.

Terrorism has now become an existential threat to Pakistan.

Nishat Cinema and its history. From the Newspaper namely Nishat and Krishna dating back to pre-partition days. But nobody changed their names. Hospital employee in Rahim Yar Khan allegedly.

Home Inventories Courses Reference Pre-prints E-publics In the news Islamic manuscripts reference library This part of the Islamic manuscripts site contains many out of print publications which are nowadays often difficult to find. The section is continually being expanded. This section also contains recent publications some of which may still be in print.

These have usually been included with the permission of the owners of the copyright, sometimes with mention of the websites where such publications can be purchased. This section of the site also contains older catalogues of Islamic manuscripts, which are now out-of-print, and a great number of other relevant publications. Downloading of files must be in accordance with the relevant laws in the country of the downloader. This is the sole responsability of the reader and user of this website.

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Flag of Pakistan History Following the creation of Pakistan, and the subsequent mass migrations, Hindus today have a much smaller numerical presence. Nonetheless Hindus have played a major role in the history, culture and politics of the country. The Sindhu is one of the holy rivers of Hinduism. Thus, in many ways, the land which is today’s predominantly Muslim Pakistan has played an important part in the origin of Hinduism. In terms of population, Pakistan has the fifth largest population of Hindus.

A Pakistani Hindu is a person who professes faith in the principles of the holy Vedas.

Rahim Yar Khan; Rajanpur; Sheikhupura; Sialkot; Toba Tek Singh; It is referred as “Mughal City of Gardens” as well because of historic gardens in and around the city dating back to the Mughal period. This year 8th class examinations has been conducted in the month of February. First paper was on 11th of February while last paper has been.

It is the capital of the Al Madinah Province. After Mecca, it is the second holiest city in Islam. Like Mecca , entry to Madina is also prohibited for all non-Muslims. Three oldest mosques are located in Madina. Photos of Madina Madinah. Photo taken from Janat ul-Baqi side.

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