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The third is the Dhekelia Power Station which is divided by a British road into two parts. ^ The 1,square-yard complex includes a tannery dating to the second or third century, as well as burial sites and part of a Roman road.

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The manuscript names numerous towns along the Mediterranean coast and mentions Kyrenia as a harbour town: Salamis, which is Greek and has a closed winter harbour; the Karpasia, Kyrenia, Lapithos, which is Phoenician; Soloi this has also winter harbour ; Marion, which is Greek; Amathus which is autochthonous. All of them have deserted summer harbours. And there are also city states speaking strange languages inland. Coins with Phoenician legends underline that the Northern coast between Kyrenia and Lapithos were at least under Phoenician influence.

The unknown author, who sailed from Cape Anamur on the Cilician coast to Cyprus and circumnavigated the island, gave the distances from Asia Minor to the nearest point in Cyprus. This was stadia, about 55 metres.

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note: the Turkish Cypriot community, which administers the northern part of the island, refers to itself as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” or “TRNC” (“Kuzey Kibris Turk Cumhuriyeti” or “KKTC”).

Etymology A copper mine in Cyprus. In antiquity, Cyprus was a major source of copper. The etymology of the name is unknown. It has been suggested, for example, that it has roots in the Sumerian word for copper zubar or for bronze kubar , from the large deposits of copper ore found on the island. The terms Cypriote and Cyprian are also used, though less frequently. Prehistoric Cyprus and Ancient history of Cyprus Archeologic site of Choirokoitia with early remains of human habitation during Aceramic Neolithic period reconstruction The earliest confirmed site of human activity on Cyprus is Aetokremnos , situated on the south coast, indicating that hunter-gatherers were active on the island from around 10, BC , [42] with settled village communities dating from BC.

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Beware the courier scam: an express way to lose your money When I agreed to hand over my bank cards after some fraudulent activity on my account there was no reason to be suspicious – especially.

Wed Jan 21, A few hundred gc s left in KKTC will eventually move south when they realize there will never be unification and that there won’t be a south cypriot army to take the land back. I have found the following in the archives of the TRNC Publicity Office, dating back from 6 May , a time when your professed hero Denktash was still in charge. Spot a clash of ideologies with the above?

The Greek Cypriots living in and around Rizokarpaso yesterday congregated on the occasion of Easter in the churches in Rizokarpaso and Agia Trias. At the services that were held prayers were read, candles were lit and wine was distributed. Apart from the Greek Cypriots living in Karpasia, around 55 Greek Cypriots from the South participated in the ceremonies so that they might visit their relatives. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence sent congratulatory messages, flowers and sweets to be distributed in connection with this religious festival of the Greek Cypriots.

In the early hours of the morning at the service attended by Greek Cypriots at the Agios Synesios Church, the messages of congratulation were conveyed to Father Zacharias Giorgos by the Trikomo sub-provincial governor Mustafa Tamer with officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence present. Does this make Denktash an idiot, Runaway?

Who told them to fuck off?


At m above sea level, it is also the lowest of the three. Some would say it is the least exciting, as it is easy to reach compared with the other two. However it has by far the best views, its summit standing on a pinnacle with views all round. The name “Kantara” in Arabic means a bridge or an arch.

Fitch said Cyprus would need an additional € 4 billion to support its banks and the downgrade was mainly due to the exposure of Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus Popular Bank and Hellenic Bank, Cyprus’s three largest banks, to the Greek financial crisis.

I’m always looking for easy ways to satisfy my green thumb and, of course, ways to get the most broccolis for my gardening buck. That’s why I’m a big fan of growing perennial vegetables in my garden—plant them once, and enjoy the fruits well, actually, vegetables of your labors for years to come. I’ll always remember when the UPS man delivered a mysterious, rather dirty looking box to our new home the first spring we lived here.

The box was carefully packed with damp sphagnum moss, the packaging material of choice for shipping the sacred Yeager Roots, a housewarming gift from my parents. Other families pass down jewelry or antique furniture, but for the Yeager clan, the holy triumvirates of family heirlooms are root starts of asparagus, horseradish, and rhubarb. They are the direct descendants of the original Yeager Roots, dating back at least to my great-grandparents, and—family legend has it—much, much further.

After all, my great-great-grandmother was a Lungfish that was her maiden name, not her species, mind you. Although—unlike fruits—there aren’t too many vegetables that are perennials, many of the ones that do exist grow in a wide range of climates and, once established, are low-maintenance enough even for a lazy gardener like me. They’re also among the healthiest veggies for you, and they’re generally inexpensive to purchase, if you don’t come from a family with its own royal roots line.

I like it cut into one-inch pieces and stir fried raw with sesame oil and a little sliced ginger top with toasted sesame seeds. Or, brush with olive oil and crushed garlic and grill whole spears on the bar-b. Not all varieties of bamboo shoots are edible or tasty , so do your homework first. Also, be advised that many varieties of bamboo are highly invasive and can be toxic if eaten in large amounts.

The bulbs themselves are fairly small and pinkish in color at least the ones I grow.

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The politics of Northern Cyprus takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republic , whereby the President is head of state and the Prime Minister head of government , and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Assembly of the Republic. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.

The legislature is the Assembly of the Republic, which has 50 members elected by proportional representation from six electoral districts.

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It is located south of Turkey , west of Syria and Lebanon , northwest of Israel , north of Egypt , and southeast of Greece. The earliest known human activity on the island dates to around the 10th millennium BC. Archaeological remains from this period include the well-preserved Neolithic village of Khirokitia , and Cyprus is home to some of the oldest water wells in the world. As a strategic location in the Middle East , it was subsequently occupied by several major powers , including the empires of the Assyrians , Egyptians and Persians , from whom the island was seized in BC by Alexander the Great.

Subsequent rule by Ptolemaic Egypt , the Classical and Eastern Roman Empire , Arab caliphates for a short period, the French Lusignan dynasty and the Venetians , was followed by over three centuries of Ottoman rule between and de jure until Turkish leaders for a period advocated the annexation of Cyprus to Turkey as Cyprus was considered an “extension of Anatolia” by them; while, since the 19th century, [12] [13] the majority Greek Cypriot population and its Orthodox church had been pursuing union with Greece, which became a Greek national policy in the s.

This action precipitated the Turkish invasion of Cyprus on 20 July, [16] which led to the capture of the present-day territory of Northern Cyprus in the following month, after a ceasefire collapsed, and the displacement of over , Greek Cypriots [23] [24] and 50, Turkish Cypriots. These events and the resulting political situation are matters of a continuing dispute. However, the Republic of Cyprus is de facto partitioned into two main parts: The international community considers the northern part of the island as territory of the Republic of Cyprus occupied by Turkish forces.

The etymology of the name is unknown. It has been suggested, for example, that it has roots in the Sumerian word for copper zubar or for bronze kubar , from the large deposits of copper ore found on the island.

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